student activism

Citywide group also demands more action on building repair and clearer COVID protocols.
A music project at Hill-Freedman World Academy amplifies students’ perspectives on recent challenges — from the pandemic to racialized violence.
Organization advocated for voting rights for the two student representatives sitting on the city’s Board of Education and filed lawsuit challenging the board’s speaker policy
The Masterman students want to honor their predecessors in student activism.
Students and community members call for counselors, programs, and classroom staff, not security.
Through outreach and social media, students registered 65% of their school’s eligible voters, a feat that earned them the national recognition.
The 2020-21 school year will mark the start of a different approach and enhanced services, officials said.
Unlike the last strike, the District excused protesters’ absences if they submitted notes from home.
Philadelphia Student Union plans another protest at the City Council meeting on May 14.
Philadelphia Student Union is profiled as a contemporary example of student activism.
Youth and their supporters from across the region raise their voices against gun violence.
What’s next for city and suburban youth who believe they can make a change on gun violence?
During the National School Walkout, students sang, read poems that they had written and talked about how they would like to work with other youth to change gun laws.
After the National School Walkout to stop gun violence, youth seize the opportunity to make their voices heard on violence close to home.
Across the city, students take a stand as part of the National School Walkout to protest gun violence.
Students say they feel that 17 minutes isn’t enough to explore the issues surrounding persistent urban gun violence.
Over three days, speakers sought to spark activism in a school district still plagued by racial inequality.
Former Superintendent David Hornbeck says the SRC’s birth was linked to the 1967 student walkout and racism.
Students fear that new District policy could lead to excessive punishment.
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