School Boards

Group of local and national leaders present a list of what’s needed to help students for the superintendent’s transition process.
Several parents said the mask mandate was unnecessary and harmful, but one parent called it common sense.
District’s top financial official says schools need more revenue in the long term.
The votes took place amid an investigation into whether the district’s charter school policy is racially biased.
The $60 million shortfall is a small share of the district’s overall budget, but officials are worried about the long-term impact.
Joseph and Associates, which will assist Tony Watlington, is led by the former superintendent of Nashville schools.
Sarah-Ashley Andrews and Chau Wing Lam must still get City Council approval.
Mayor Jim Kenney has asked for help in filling her seat and another vacant spot on the board.
Principals told the board the draft budget means they will lose needed staff.
School district officials unveiled strategies this week to help stem the tide.
The finalists will meet with school officials, students, teachers, staff, and parents in the coming months.
The Philadelphia school district says it’s on schedule to find a replacement for Superintendent William Hite.
Once called a “gag order,” the policy calls for staff to clear all press requests through the four-person communications office before speaking to members of the media.
The board voted 7-1 in favor of the popular Black-led charter school in South Philadelphia.
At a time when the Latino population has grown in the School District of Philadelphia and across the city, members of the community discuss what they would like to see in the next superintendent
Activists and a principal are among 13 members chosen by Philadelphia’s Board of Education to sit on an advisory committee to help in search for city’s new school leader.
After 25 days of gathering public input, the city’s Board of Education revealed what residents want in the next school superintendent
Almost a week before it’s scheduled to vote on closing a popular Black-led charter school, Philadelphia’s Board of Education hired local law firm to investigate allegations of racial bias in how charters schools are authorized
Board of Education to hold a special meeting Aug. 24 to consider a vaccine mandate for staff members
The elementary school had been named for Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and the country’s seventh president.
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