Pre-K Programs

In Philadelphia, 83% of early childhood programs are currently facing a staffing shortage and nearly 3,000 children are on a waitlist.
Advocates and others say the city’s “Read by 4th” campaign and other efforts have built a strong foundation.
This veteran preschool teacher spoke with Chalkbeat Philadelphia about teaching preschoolers to share, common misconceptions about early learners, and more.
Mayor Jim Kenney’s proposed budget for the coming year includes funding for 300 new PHLpreK seats.
Advocates are concerned that the decline could knock students off track academically.
Researchers at Penn State find sharp disparities in quality, funding before COVID.
The pre-K program in Pennsylvania accelerates children four to five months by kindergarten, study shows
University sees early education as vital to alleviating poverty in West Philadelphia.
Providers seek to get the message across that pre-K isn’t just day care, and that parents have a responsibility to treat it like school.
The first article from our spring print edition focused on early childhood education.
City program clears its biggest legal hurdle, continues to grow as it enters year 3.
Salary and prestige of these jobs are still low, despite their importance to child development
At Southwest Philadelphia center, Mayor Kenney said thousands of children are benefiting and hundreds of jobs have been created.
How can more established models elsewhere illuminate the way forward for our city?
Despite the success of the program so far, officials lament their inability to expand enrollment because of a lawsuit challenging the beverage tax, which funds free preschool.
The city controller’s report found some overbilling and a lack of quality enforcement.
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