Philadelphia Public Schools

Critics of the district’s lottery system had said it would lead to enrollment declines and staff cuts at certain high schools.
During a high school visit, Gov. Josh Shapiro also discussed his plans to hire more teachers and increase education spending in his proposed budget.
The school board and city government must reach a deal to manage and fund the facility.
The closure of Building 21 highlights ongoing safety and health problems with the district’s aging schools.
The Kids Campaignhas detailed policy proposals for issues like the teacher shortage, summer jobs, and juvenile justice.
Instead of relying solely on a textbook, the course’s new material includes many primary sources.
Pennsylvania’s Act 158 requires students to meet one of five “pathways” in order to get their diploma.
The mayor appoints school board members and with the city council decides Philadelphia’s contribution to the district budget.
The district would like at least 10,000 students to enroll in kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year.
The challenge is meant to complement classroom instruction by helping students grow their love of learning, Superintendent Watlington said, while they practice literacy skills at home like vocabulary and reading comprehension.
Reginald Streater and Mallory Fix-Lopez elected president and vice president.
The city has seen an increase in COVID cases recently. District officials also signaled in August that masks would be required after extended breaks.
Advocates and others say the city’s “Read by 4th” campaign and other efforts have built a strong foundation.
“We understand that if students see themselves valued, reflected, and honored in books and learning experiences that we provide them, they’re more likely to learn.”
A member of the council since 2015, Gym has taken vocal stands on everything from school staffing to student mental health.
Nearly 1,000 participants at a Philadelphia gathering discussed the importance of a diverse teacher workforce and the challenges facing Black male educators.
The new grant comes as Pennsylvania introduces standards to help teachers address bias.
She applauds the city’s efforts and said they should be replicated around the country.
Five graduation options include alternative assessment and career and technical education pathways.
Philadelphia’s NAEP scores have long been below national averages and remained so in 2022.
Group of local and national leaders present a list of what’s needed to help students for the superintendent’s transition process.
After 110 days in office, Superintendent Tony Watlington said Philadelphia schools district must do better.
One football player said ‘we’re out here doing it’ for the slain student, Nicolas Elizalde.
Doug Mastriano wants a big cut in state school aid, while Josh Shapiro wants more — and more equitable — funding for public schools.
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