magnet schools

Superintendent says “there is a place” for test scores in selective admissions, but that cutoff scores will be reevaluated.
Under the lottery system, some high-achieving students have been wait-listed at all their choices, causing some parents to complain.
Under the new process, students enrolled at selective middle schools would not be guaranteed admission to the corresponding selective high schools
Philadelphia is moving to centralize admissions to selective schools and making it more dependent on lottery.
Speakers focus on declining numbers of Black students at the city’s most selective magnet schools.
UPDATE: Central president Tim McKenna promises to “take action and implement the demands.” Alumni join the call to increase Black and Latinx enrollment and foster anti-racist culture at the selective high school.
The members also outlined their plan of “goals and guardrails” that they say will address racist practices in the school system.
After a successful battle to keep Beeber Middle School open, parents are a little uneasy that SLA@Beeber moved in, too. But the goal is mutual benefit.
Citywide, 36 percent of Philadelphia students who started 9th grade in fall 2005 continued on to some form of postsecondary schooling.
At the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, a principal brings to bear lessons from her sports past.
Knowing the chances of admission to various schools can help guide students in the application process.
Para los estudiantes de educación especial y ELL, las opciones de escuela son a menudo problemáticas
An interview with LeTretta Jones, director of the District’s Office of Student Placement.
Starting early, visiting schools, and showing enthusiasm can all make a difference.
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