Leadership & Management

Reginald Streater and Mallory Fix-Lopez elected president and vice president.
Overbrook Educational Center leaders say the relatives who work together bolster the school’s warm, supportive atmosphere.
Otis Hackney helped transition city public schools back to local control in 2017.
The superintendent will reveal his takeaways in October as part of his three-phase transition plan.
Hundreds of job seekers meet with district representatives to fill positions before school begins Aug 29.
District’s top financial official says schools need more revenue in the long term.
Watlington launches massive team to help him improve outcomes for students and achieve the Philadelphia Board of Education’s goals and guardrails
Current and former Nashville school officials say Shawn Joseph’s tenure precipitated a “morale crisis.”
The $60 million shortfall is a small share of the district’s overall budget, but officials are worried about the long-term impact.
Joseph and Associates, which will assist Tony Watlington, is led by the former superintendent of Nashville schools.
Watlington will lead a district with many challenges, from declining enrollment to crumbling facilities.
After ten years leading the district, Hite says his accomplishments constitute a strong “body of work.”
Sarah-Ashley Andrews and Chau Wing Lam must still get City Council approval.
Students, parents, and educators want him to focus on improving low test scores, re-establishing trust, and community engagement.
Katharine Davis faces big challenges related to Black students’ concerns at the second-oldest public high school in the U.S.
An advocate for higher spending on K-12 schools, Ortega has led the state education department since 2020.
Mayor Jim Kenney has asked for help in filling her seat and another vacant spot on the board.
The North Carolina superintendent faces big district challenges related to poverty, staff turnover.
While the district touts an overall increase, administrators say some schools could lose staff.
Tony Watlington is one of three candidates to replace William Hite
The finalists will meet with school officials, students, teachers, staff, and parents in the coming months.
The Philadelphia school district says it’s on schedule to find a replacement for Superintendent William Hite.
Uri Monson says that the Philly district could start running shortfalls in fiscal 2025,
At a time when the Latino population has grown in the School District of Philadelphia and across the city, members of the community discuss what they would like to see in the next superintendent
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