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The Philadelphia-based cable giant was urged to open up more hotspots, increase internet speeds, and provide free access to low-income residents.
Superintendent Hite says that this will not fix the access problem for all students. He described the company as a “partner” in working on further solutions.
The city is launching a campaign to bring computer science to all students.
Nine years in, the school is undergoing a reboot. Ambitious plans for using technology have been hindered by school and District upheaval.
Blended learning, an approach that uses a mix of teacher-led and online instruction, has caught on at some District schools.
Officials point to bright spots, including a speedy fiber optic network and new investments in laptops for early literacy teachers.
Despite scarce resources, schools across the District are exploring new ways to bring technology into classrooms.
Escuelas del Distrito como la Emlen y la Robeson están usando tecnología donada y aprovechándola en los salones de clase.
Called Action Plan 3.0, the proposal would reorganize schools and allow some charter expansion. It calls for a new state charter funding formula.
The devices use web-based storage and apps. In some District schools, they are turning outdated classrooms into modern hubs of learning.
District schools like Emlen and Robeson are taking donated technology and making it work in classrooms.
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