District Management

Councilmember Isaiah Thomas wants to discuss creating a new authority to manage school construction and repairs, although a similar approach in New Jersey has fared poorly.
Fewer than one out of five qualified students offered seats at certain high schools have enrolled in them for the next school year.
Superintendent Tony Watlington said the move will let the district align facilities improvements with the district’s long-term vision for academics.
The superintendent will reveal his takeaways in October as part of his three-phase transition plan.
Tony Watlington announces 100 schools will close three hours early on Tuesday and Wednesday due to concerns about severe heat.
The district hasn’t met demands for fair pay, the union said.
Current and former Nashville school officials say Shawn Joseph’s tenure precipitated a “morale crisis.”
Joseph and Associates, which will assist Tony Watlington, is led by the former superintendent of Nashville schools.
After ten years leading the district, Hite says his accomplishments constitute a strong “body of work.”
The school district’s information sessions about improving facilities are taking place throughout May.
Katharine Davis faces big challenges related to Black students’ concerns at the second-oldest public high school in the U.S.
School district officials unveiled strategies this week to help stem the tide.
The finalists will meet with school officials, students, teachers, staff, and parents in the coming months.
The Philadelphia school district says it’s on schedule to find a replacement for Superintendent William Hite.
Joshua Wilson, education professor, says that the MIWrite test being used as a gatekeeper to the city’s most selective schools was not designed for that purpose
Impact of bus driver shortage continues to be ‘pretty strong’
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