discipline policies

Based on girls’ comments in focus groups, a Pennsylvania advocacy group is calling for more Black teachers and staff, an end to overly harsh dress codes that made one girl feel “sexualized,” and courses that highlight Black achievement.
Larry Krasner’s report also found that 95% of girls arrested in the city are children of color.
Researchers combined federal Department of Education records with data collected from 1.6 million visitors to the Project Implicit website to reach their conclusions.
“This surge in police officers contributes to a biased application of discipline and over-criminalization of students of color and students with disabilities,” the report said.
The commission wrote that there should be more mental and behavioral health supports for students, but did not say anything about providing resources. It also did not address the availability of guns.
It will also consider several policy changes regarding student discipline, including a ban on suspensions through 2nd grade.
The Fordham Institute looked at District data related to suspensions. The National Education Policy Center took issue with Fordham’s findings.
A legislative report found disparities in how different demographic groups are treated. It recommends giving districts clearer direction on suspensions and arrests. A bill is now in committee.
A coalition of groups including Youth United for Change and Education Law Center rallied outside 440 before the SRC meeting.
Large police forces and small counseling staffs correlate with poverty and race in the nation’s largest school districts
Author Monique Morris will lead a discussion on how to stop school pushout of these students in Philadelphia.
Chalkbeat New York explores the discipline policy in the aftermath of the Success Academy teacher video.
Students fear that new District policy could lead to excessive punishment.
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