career and technical education

The program is just one of many ways the state is responding to a teacher shortage that’s created cascading staffing challenges across Pennsylvania.
$40 million facility aims to create more job opportunities that pay well, especially for local Philadelphia graduates.
The 21st Century Schools Model will focus on the entertainment, development, and transportation industries.
Teacher Evin Jarrett says a summer program in which students get hands-on lessons about construction is their capstone.
Career and technical education programs show worth through high graduation rates, student satisfaction.
Ronald Sizer is a second-generation machinist, who teaches in the career and technical education program at Benjamin Franklin High School.
Participating organizations discuss their programs to reconnect youth to school and workforce training.
Parents fear a clash of cultures between two schools. Students are organizing to make it work.
Housed at Ben Franklin High School, it has faced administrative turnover, hiring difficulties, and scheduling glitches.
From school lunchrooms to supermarket shelves, Rebel Ventures keeps up the fight for deliciousness.
Panna Kim had planned to enlist in the military. Instead, he learned to be an electrician.
Apprenticeship programs for barbers, painters, coders, lab techs, and others will get a boost.
The program will use state money to provide workforce training to 1,000 people ages 17-21 who already receive some form of government support.
A visit to the city’s Leonardo aircraft plant also reveals a world of career possibilities.
To use the School Selection process, here’s what you should do and when.
Parkway Center City is the state’s first high school that offers an associate’s degree. Students begin with a summer program.
The program is growing, but not as quickly as District officials had hoped. Equipment costs, for one thing, can be high.
Accelerated schools offer a chance to gain credits more quickly. Other District options aim to fit children’s varying circumstances.
Parkway Center City es la primera escuela superior del estado que ofrece un grado asociado universitario. Los estudiantes comienzan con un programa de verano.
The District’s innovation schools use a problem-solving approach to learning. Such a significant shift has not been easy.
After the Education Committee chair made comments about “inner city” students, Sen. Vincent Hughes said he was not fit for that post. Eichelberger, in turn, cited “fake news” and blasted Hughes on his website.
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