black lives matter

Instead of relying solely on a textbook, the course’s new material includes many primary sources.
As controversy swirls in the U.S. over how schools teach about race, the district is refocusing the class on “intellectual genealogy.”
The donation comes as schools and lawmakers across the U.S. work to ban teachers from mentioning race or discrimination.
Survey reveals Black male students have experienced the most challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic
Just 2% of teachers across U.S. are Black men; goal is to bring 21,000 Black students into the teaching pipeline
Members and District staff attended the meeting in person for the first time since March. They experienced some technical problems.
UPDATE: Central president Tim McKenna promises to “take action and implement the demands.” Alumni join the call to increase Black and Latinx enrollment and foster anti-racist culture at the selective high school.
“As educators, we believe that we cannot be neutral when anti-Black racism harms our students.”
Students and teachers participate in a 15-year-old program called Writers Matter that encourages teens to use their voice.
“We’ve never held these conversations in class before,” said a Masterman student.
While also calling for “critical dialogue,” the Board of Education postponed the public hearing scheduled for Thursday, saying that everyone needs time “to process events and to begin healing.”
School board member Mallory Fix Lopez wanted the District to offer guidance to teachers.
The week will feature evening events open to the public and a special curriculum taught in more than 40 schools.
In less than 24 hours, a GoFundMe campaign raised the money to take 3rd through 7th graders to the new “Black Panther” movie.
From social justice lessons to personal stories, organizers sought to reinforce the movement’s 13 guiding principles.
Organizers said people in 100 schools participated. Students said the activities were affirming. The District barred coverage of in-school events.
Williams discussed criminal justice and the Black Lives Matter movement with students.
Organizers give students a place to speak out during political convention.
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