The Notebook

Many local families have benefited from the food, gift cards, and rental assistance.
“I believe a student should be proud to say, ‘My school is named after an individual who fought for my rights.’ Not one who fought to oppress me,” said Sheridan Elementary’s assistant principal, Julio Nuñez.
Gov. Wolf will nominate Deputy Secretary of Postsecondary and Higher Education Noe Ortega to replace Rivera.
Summer marketing interns launch service projects to bring comfort to local seniors and families in need.
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Poor ventilation elevates the risk of spreading COVID-19. District officials say they are working hard on the problem.
Speakers focus on declining numbers of Black students at the city’s most selective magnet schools.
UPDATE: Central president Tim McKenna promises to “take action and implement the demands.” Alumni join the call to increase Black and Latinx enrollment and foster anti-racist culture at the selective high school.
Letter to Central president Timothy McKenna from the school’s alumni. As of Thursday it had more than 1,200 signatures from graduates as far back as 1945.
“As educators, we believe that we cannot be neutral when anti-Black racism harms our students.”
One of the largest loans went to Chester Community Charter School.
They also favor a mix of online and in-person learning, with the most support given to an alternate-day staggered schedule for students.
The incident is under investigation by the District and the schools. Updated with a statement from Dr. Hite
It’s a coming-of-age story about being Mexican American in Chicago.
In this episode of Schooled, students speak about coming of age in a moment where the world feels both ‘on hold’ and ‘on fire.’
Students and teachers participate in a 15-year-old program called Writers Matter that encourages teens to use their voice.
The Masterman students want to honor their predecessors in student activism.
Rick Krajewski wants a charter moratorium and a statewide effort on cleaning up toxic schools.
The money comes from taxes on slot-machine revenue.
“School conditions are a public health crisis,” said McClure Elementary’s school nurse.
“We’ve never held these conversations in class before,” said a Masterman student.
Closing schools limited students’ options for completing their service project, so they got creative.
Counselors do weekly check-ins with students, offering emotional support and academic advice.
Philadelphia Youth Network will work with businesses and organizations to think through how to design and maintain virtual internships.
Through outreach and social media, students registered 65% of their school’s eligible voters, a feat that earned them the national recognition.
For some students, the servers crashed. And there is evidence of potential cheating.
The event, which promises a surprise keynote speaker, will take place June 9.