Greg Windle

Such breaches present an increasing threat in the education sector. “Our data is the new oil,” said one parent.
Most community colleges in counties with above-average poverty also have above-average tuition costs.
He called for a moratorium on cyber charters and a cap on enrollment for low-performing cybers.
“People have been so disenfranchised by the system that they don’t believe in it,” Brooks said. “But ... if we don’t get involved, then we will get chewed up by this system.”
Parents fear a clash of cultures between two schools. Students are organizing to make it work.
Among the commission’s tasks would be examining the financial oversight of schools and management companies.
Freire is the first charter operator to apply for a Multiple Charter School Organization in Philadelphia. It was unanimously rejected by the board.
Board members disagreed about Council member Helen Gym’s request to use the current budget surplus to create a fund for emergency repairs.
The Global Leadership Academy CEO contends that the District “promised” her a new high school when she agreed to take over Samuel B Huey Elementary.
A teacher resident in Relay Graduate School of Education, which sought a new contract, criticized the institution.
Blackwell’s loss leaves Education and Finance Committees up for grabs.
Education advocates compete for judge, city commissioner and city council seats.
The Massachusetts senator made her first campaign stop in Pennsylvania at a union hall in the Northeast.
Testimony broadly supported Council member Helen Gym’s proposal to establish full-time community support position in every school.
A look back on a decade of building community and emphasizing social justice.