Darryl C. Murphy

Darryl Murphy is originally from South Jersey and moved to Philadelphia to study English at Temple University. He became an intern and then a staff reporter at the Notebook before joining our content partner, WHYY.

Philadelphia Student Union plans another protest at the City Council meeting on May 14.
One year ago, the Parkland, Florida, shooting brought more attention to the issue.
The case was first filed in 2014. Pennsylvania’s funding disparities between wealthy and poor districts are the widest in the nation.
Superintendent Hite went to Mifflin Elementary School in East Falls to showcase coding skills among even the youngest students.
Recommendations from Educational Opportunities for Families include developing a single application to be used for District, charter and some private schools.
The board also approved more than $12 million in contracts for supplies and equipment to make school repairs.
Appearing separately, they fielded questions about everything from school funding to homelessness.
These Keystone Opportunity Zones give tax breaks to developers in blighted neighborhoods. But many of the sites are not blighted, advocates said. The vote was 6-2, with one abstention.
The District has an Attendance Hero campaign to work on improvements.
Older “servant leaders” steep younger children in African American culture and learning
The panel’s topic was election security as the critical 2018 midterms approach in November.
Much of the success was due to the efforts of the Super Bowl Eagles.
Shaun King, Ady Barkan, other activists visit City Hall
Philadelphia Education Fund teaches high schoolers about financial aid and paying for college.
The intramural sports program will be piloted in 4th through 6th grades.
“Somebody actually started asking what’s it like to be a dad,” said Marsh. “Which is not a question that most of us actually get a chance to hear, let alone answer.”
From school lunchrooms to supermarket shelves, Rebel Ventures keeps up the fight for deliciousness.
A free breakfast program, a free music festival, and a farmers market help participants learn about community-building and engagement.
The plan does not include a property tax rate increase proposed by Mayor Kenney. District says it is not enough to accelerate lead abatement efforts or other building improvements.
If union fee law is overturned, it could have significant impact on school-related public unions.