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The Philadelphia-based cable giant was urged to open up more hotspots, increase internet speeds, and provide free access to low-income residents.
Hite asks for delay after listening to more than 100 speakers, most of whom blasted the District’s “hybrid” proposal, under which most students would attend two days a week.
Ana Meyers later deleted post an apologized, but organization said “new leadership is in the best interest of our member schools.”
school boards, child care operators, and university presidents won’t have to worry about substantial state cuts until at least 2021.
A pair of Bucks County families have sued Gov. Tom Wolf, Pa. Education Secretary Pedro Rivera and the Pa. Department of Education in federal court.
The show is the result of Bridges to Wealth, a program that brings together University of Pennsylvania and high school students in after-school clubs.
A behind-the-scenes look at the economic tsunami facing Philly schools
Lauren Ballaster is a reading and social studies teacher at William H. Ziegler School in lower Northeast Philadelphia.
Starting May 4, teachers will be expected to hold three hours of “daily instruction.”
Special education advocates and attorneys are optimistic, but much is still unknown and lawsuits are still possible. One open question is how many students may need compensatory education.
They want a version of school that establishes new, predictable routines — an actual schedule around which they can shape their days.
Advocates want Gov. Wolf to ensure that the needs of special needs student are met
Due to equity concerns, teachers can’t take attendance or distribute grades, but they can offer online lessons and courses.
Insufficient funding of public schools in Philadelphia has created a vacuum that private groups have filled.
First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School in Bridesburg as a large deficit, a CEO on leave, and an issue related to the identification of special education students.
He also wants to mandate full-day kindergarten across the state and increase capacity for school building repairs
The Allegheny County Republican influenced nearly every piece of education-related legislation during his tenure.
Research for Action and the Education Trust reached the same conclusions after analyzing federal civil rights data