alternative schools

WHYY podcast “Schooled” follows one class of students struggling to graduate from an alternative high school
The Education Law Center found that more academic supports are needed. It wants the Board of Ed to review the District’s policy, even though it was revised last year.
Several states cracked down on cyber charters this school year, but Pennsylvania was not among them
Alternative education gives students a second chance at getting a high school diploma.
Giving students personalized attention in large high schools continues to be a challenge.
Most big private employers pulled out many years ago. Schools, a potential base for neighborhood recovery, are seeing their budgets sliced dramatically.
La mayoría de los empleadores privados grandes se fueron hace años, y las escuelas, están viendo que sus fondos se acaban.
Philadelphia Youth Development Academy
Nearly 10,000 students, or about 6 percent, are chronically truant this year, meaning they have 10 or more unexcused absences.
Results vary among providers. Most are falling short of performance targets, though.
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