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A note to our readers

Chalkbeat Philadelphia has identified several stories on our site that did not comply with our editorial standards.

Dear Readers, 

We recently identified several stories on our site that did not comply with Chalkbeat’s editorial standards. After a comprehensive review by Chalkbeat and an independent investigator, we found 24 Chalkbeat Philadelphia articles containing verbatim language from previously published works and press releases without the proper attribution. 

We take plagiarism very seriously, and prohibit the practice in our Code of Ethics. We apologize for this breach of trust. The articles are being updated with the appropriate attribution. Each one will be topped with an editor’s note that denotes the specific changes we made to the original article. The stories will be linked here when they are updated.

We will reiterate our policies around plagiarism and attribution at a fall training session and during onboarding of new employees. 

Chalkbeat will continue to strive for the highest journalistic standards. And we recognize that those standards demand being transparent about our mistakes and missteps.    

Thank you for your patience and support.


Nicole Avery Nichols
Editor-in-Chief, Chalkbeat

Stories updated as of November 1, 2022:

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