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Two six-sided dice sit at the center of a Monopoly board.

Experts say everyday family games, from simple card games to Monopoly, can help children build math skills.

Parents, here’s how you can help your kids in math — without worksheets


Math resources for parents

Ideas at Work from the Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative

A series of short articles about easy math activities and games for children in preschool through third grade. Most are also available in Spanish.

Learning Trajectories from the Marsico Institute at the University of Denver A series of playful math activities for children 0-8, organized by topic (E.g. counting, patterns, or measurement), The sequence of activities follow children’s development of mathematical thinking. Activities are also available in Spanish. Registration is free.

Dinner Table Math Hacks

A series of YouTube videos with examples of family math activities, created by Angela McIver

DREME Family Math from a national network of early math experts based at Stanford University

Fun math activities that parents can do with their children, divided by activity type (E.g. Cooking, Daily Routines, or Reading Together). Many include downloadable guides and some are available in Spanish.