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Starting Monday, meals available at 30 schools and 50 recreation sites

Designated rec centers will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Libraries will be closed to the public.

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

City and District officials in Philadelphia released a list of 30 schools and 50 recreation sites Saturday at which families can access meals for the two weeks that schools will be closed.

Breakfast and lunch will be available for pickup at schools between 9 a.m. and noon Monday through Friday. In addition, recreation facilities and gyms will be open between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Children under 18 can come for some organized activities and receive a meal.

Officials stressed that these centers “are not a day-care substitution,” but a place for children to stay occupied and have a meal.

Libraries will close to the public at the end of today, said Managing Director Brian Abernathy.

City Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said in a briefing that there are now four positive novel coronavirus cases in Philadelphia and that of the 15 test results yesterday, 12 were negative and three positive.

He could not say how many test kits are available, but said that the number is increasing and that in addition to Quest and LabCorp, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania Hospital have some testing capacity. He could not say how the supply compares to the demand.

Farley declined to make predictions or characterize the trends so far.

“We would expect cases to rise, but we can’t say how quickly or how long,” he said. “We certainly expect things to get worse from here,” but he would not speculate on how much.

Based on the current situation, Philadelphians should “continue to go about their business,” Farley said, adding that there are no plans to shut the city’s main tourist sites.

Asked what people should do with their Saturday nights, Mayor Kenney urged people to patronize restaurants and leave big tips.

“We have to find a way to continue moving forward,” the mayor said.

For updates, monitor the District and city websites.

The schools where meals will be available are:

Dr. Ethel Allen School

3200 W. Lehigh Avenue (19132)

Add B. Anderson School

1034 S. 60th Street (19143)

John Barry Elementary School

5900 Race Street (19139)

Mary McLeod Bethune School

3301 Old York Road (19140)

Cayuga School

4344-4358 N. 5th Street (19140)

Jay Cooke Elementary School

1300 W. Louden Street (19141)

William Cramp School

3449 N. Mascher Street (19140)

A.L. Fitzpatrick School

11061 Knights Road (19154)

Benjamin Franklin School

5737 Rising Sun Avenue (19120)

Edward Gideon School

2817 W. Glenwood Avenue (19121)

Andrew Hamilton School

5640 Spruce Street (19139)

William H. Hunter School

2400 N. Front Street (19133)

John B. Kelly School

5116 Pulaski Street (19144)

Martin Luther King High School

6100 Stenton Avenue (19138)

Alain Locke School

4550 Haverford Avenue (19139)

William H. Loesche School

595 Tomlinson Road (19116)

William C. Longstreth School

5700 Willows Avenue (19143)

James R. Ludlow School

550 W. Master Street (19122)

Mayfair School

3001 Princeton Avenue (19149)

Delaplaine McDaniel School

1801 S. 22nd Street (19145)

General George G. Meade School

1600 N. 18th Street (19121)

James Rhoads School

4901 Parrish Street (19139)

Roxborough High School

6498 Ridge Avenue (19128)

George Sharswood School

2300 S. 2nd Street (19148)

Solomon Solis-Cohen School

7001 Horrocks Street (19149)

Allen M. Stearne School

1655 Unity Street (19124)

James J. Sullivan School

5300 Ditman Street (19124)

Tilden Middle School

6601 Elmwood Avenue (19142)

Vare-Washington Elementary School

1198 S. 5th Street (19147)

John H. Webster School

3400 Frankford Avenue (19134)

The recreation facilities and gyms that will be open are:

Athletic Recreation Center

1400 N. 26th Street (19121)

Belfield Recreation Center

2109 W. Chew Avenue (19138)

Bridesburg Recreation Center

4601 Richmond Street (19137)

Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center

2551 N. 22nd Street (19132)

Christy Recreation Center

728 S. 55th Street (19143)

Clemente Playground

1800 Wallace Street (19130)

Cobbs Creek Recreation Center

280 Cobbs Creek Parkway (19139)

Cohocksink Recreation Center

2901 Cedar Street (19134)

Daniel E Rumph II Recreation Center Playground

100 E. Johnson Street (19144)

Dorothy Emanuel Playground

8500 Pickering Street (19150)

East Passyunk Recreation Center

1025 Mifflin Street (19148)

Francis Myers Recreation Center

5801 Kingsessing Avenue (19143)

Feltonville Recreation Center

221 E Wyoming Ave # 231 (19120)

Fox Chase Recreation Center

7901 Ridgeway Street (19111)

Gambrel Recreation Center

1900 Wakeling Street (19124)

Hank Gathers Recreation Center

2501-2519 W. Diamond Street (19121)

Guerin Recreation Center

2201 S. 16th Street (19145)

Happy Hollow Playground

4800 Wayne Avenue (19144)

Hawthorne Cultural Center

1200 Carpenter Street (19147)

Houseman Playground

5091 Summerdale Avenue (19124)

J. Finnegan Playground

6801 Grovers Avenue (19142)

Jardel Recreation Center

1400 Cottman Avenue (19111)

Kendrick Recreation Center

5822-5824 Ridge Avenue (19128)

Kingsessing Recreation Center

4901 Kingsessing Avenue (19143)

Lawncrest Recreation Center

6000 Rising Sun Avenue (19111)

Lee Cultural Center

328 Haverford Avenue (19104)

Lonnie Young Recreation Center

1100 E. Chelten Avenue (19138)

Marian Anderson Recreation Center

740 S. 17th Street (19146)

Max Meyers Recreation Center

1601 Hellerman Street (19149)

McVeigh Recreation Center

400-464 E. Ontario Street (19134)

Miles Mack Playground

732 N. 36th St #66 (19104)

Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center

2101 Cecil B. Moore Avenue (19121)

Murphy Recreation Center

300 Shunk Street (19148)

Olney Recreation Center

100 E. Godfrey Avenue (19120)

Palmer Playground

3035 Comly Road (19154)

Palumbo Recreation Center

725 S. 10th Street (19147)

Pelbano Recreation Center

8101 Bustleton Avenue (19152)

Piccoli Playground

1501 E. Bristol Street (19124)

Rivera Recreation Center

3201 N. 5th Street (19140)

Samuel Recreation Center

3539 Gaul St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Shepard Recreation Center

5700 Haverford Avenue (19131)

Simons Recreation Center

7200 Woolston Avenue (19138)

Starr Garden Playground

600-644 Lombard Street (19147)

Towey Playground

1832 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, PA, 19122

Tustin Recreation Center

5901-5929 W. Columbia Avenue (19151)

Vare Recreation Center

2600 Morris Street (19145)

Vogt Playground

4131 Unruh Avenue (19135)

Water Tower Recreation Center

209-299 E. Hartwell Lane (19118)

Wharton Square

2300 Wharton Street (19146)

Zeihler Playground

200-264 E. Olney Avenue (19120)