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Quickfire with the 2014 candidates

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

Candidates for the race for Pennsylvania governor also stated their opinions on some specific questions related to education funding.

You can read more detailed responses to these questions from some of the candidates.


1. Should Pennsylvania’s school funding be more closely tied to enrollment, with a basic value for each child and "weighted" additions based on additional needs of those students?

2. Should districts receive an additional "weighted" amount for each student they serve who is learning English?

3. Should districts receive additional funding for each student it serves who is low-income?

4. Do you think that district qualities such as size (being very small or very large), poverty concentration (very high percentages of low-income children) and characteristics (rural, urban, suburban) should be factored into a state funding formula?

5. Do you support restoring a "charter reimbursement" line item to the state budget that helps districts deal with costs associated with charter school enrollment?

6. Do you think that Pennsylvania should provide a larger share of total education spending in the state, which could relieve pressure on property taxes?


Tom Corbett – yes to 1 – 4, no to 5 & 6

Allyson Schwartz – yes to all questions

Ed Pawlowski – yes to all questions

Jo Ellen Litz – declined to answer

John Hanger – yes to all questions

Katie McGinty – yes to all questions

Max Myers – yes to all questions

Rob McCord – yes to all questions

Tom Wolf – yes to all questions

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