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Hite sits down with Notebook to talk budget cuts, funding, charters

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

http://www.youtube.com/embed/VaH0tyzVvSw?rel=0 by Isaac Riddle

[Note: Due to technical difficulties, portions of the video near the beginning are inaudible. Posted below is part of a pre-interview transcript of questions that relates to the affected section, which lasts up to about the 1:36 mark.]

Philadelphia Schools Superintendent William Hite sat down for a live interview on Wednesday with Notebook contributing editor Dale Mezzacappa. The interview was part of the public access channel PhillyCAM’s fourth anniversary broadcast.

Hite answered questions about the District’s lack of guidance counselors and nurses, teacher seniority, teacher salaries, state funding, and charter schools. He also responded to the question of whether he had taken a pay cut.


I’m Dale Mezzacappa of the Public School Notebook. We’re an independent education newspaper – an information source and a voice for all the people and communities involved with Philadelphia’s public schools. Our offices are upstairs from PhillyCAM at Seventh and Ranstead Street. And we’re excited to be collaborating with PhillyCAM on this program to celebrate their fourth anniversary.

William Hite has been superintendent in Philadelphia schools for one tumultuous year. He is a lifelong educator who came to us from Prince George’s County, Md.

You came in October of last year, and since then you have had to make one decision after another to cut services to students. Have you ever operated in an environment like this before?

Do you think that Pennsylvania has a rational system for funding schools?

Isaac Riddle is an intern at the Notebook.