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In case you missed it: Test scores, job markets, and cutting the numbers

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

Lawmaker wants to shift some ‘Race to the Top’ funds to prevent teacher layoffs Washington Post
Democrats disagree over federal funding for schools – should priority go to maintaining jobs for teachers or favoring schools with better performance? Although a law is a long way from going in to effect, the Race to the Top initiative may face large budget cuts.

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Et Tu, Arne? Eduwonk

The Real Science Gap Miller-McCune
As young scientists struggle to find occupation in their chosen fields of study, theorists claim that reform needs to occur in the job market instead of the classroom.

New Gifted Testing in New York May Begin at Age 3 New York Times
Education officials consider lowering the age limit for identifying giftedness in children. The new system, they claim, could supply a more effective means of preparing children and representing diversity – but some are skeptical.

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Two New Studies on Charter Schools and Test Scores: What They Say, and What They Don’t Say Edwize
Test scores for Harlem Success Academy and select KIPP schools reveal beneficial results, but disparities in what was published ultimately fail to assess the effectiveness of charter schools.

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New study says students at most KIPP schools make "substantial" gains The Notebook blog

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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