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Six providers are finalists for Renaissance Schools

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

Mastery Charter has the most experience in turnaround, after taking over three District middle schools and boosting test scores by focusing on school climate and skill-building. Its first charter high school, Mastery at Lenfest, opened in 2001.

Universal Companies runs a charter school, founded in 1998, and operates two other South Philadelphia schools as an education management organization (EMO). The schools are part of a broader community development strategy for South Philadelphia.

Johns Hopkins University/Diplomas Now is a national model based on the Talent Development program that emphasizes transforming the 9th grade experience. It operates several charters elsewhere. It is the only provider proposing an in-district “innovation” model rather than charter conversion.

Young Scholars Charter School is an 11-year-old North Philadelphia charter school that has undergone its own turnaround under new management and wants to extend its reach. It focuses on creating a strict school climate and building student skills.

Congreso de Latinos Unidos is a Latino focused community group that launched Pan American Academy Charter School in 2008. It is interested in one turnaround school and will make heavy use of community partners to provide mentoring and other services.

ASPIRA is a Latino community organization operating two charters in North Philadelphia – one that is 12 years old – that use a dual language immersion model. It wants to apply the same curriculum in up to three turnaround schools.