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In case you missed it: Teacher tenure, education abroad

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

New Guidelines Make Teacher Tenure Less Automatic in New York City New York Times
In most schools, nearly every teacher earns tenure after putting in the necessary years. However, as of December 13, New York teachers face a new system for gaining tenure.

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Hurt by old tenure rules, a principal is hopeful for change Gotham Schools
“Flexible” Teaching or Fraudulent Teaching? ASCD Inservice Blog
The War on Teachers This Week in Education

Untangling the Myths About Attention Disorder New York Times
Doctors discuss A.D.H.D. and clarify that the condition is in fact a disorder.

Laws fail to keep sex offenders from working in schools, federal report finds Washington Post
The House Education and Labor committee held an investigation during which it was discovered that people with a record of sexual misconduct are still able to work in public and private schools in a variety of positions.

What Other Countries Are Really Doing, Take Two ASCD Inservice blog
It is said that the U.S. should look to high-performing countries in terms of education. However, what other countries do is not what is discussed in the American education system.