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More behavioral health programs

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

Here is a listing of additional behavioral health services available to District students. For more information, call 215-400-4170 or go to

Consultation and Education (C&E) specialists

Offer school-based short-term (120-day) case management, emergency response support, consultation, and limited group work (see Eye on special education).

Student Assistance Program (SAP) liaisons

Offer school-linked assessment and referral, consultation, limited group work, and professional development in about 35 schools, primarily high schools.

Keys-To-Success (KTS) / Project U-Turn

Provides flexible on-site behavioral health assessment, referral, and counseling services, dropout prevention services, consultation, resource coordination in about 13 high schools. Services are geared to students experiencing barriers to learning; truant students; students with failing grades; over-age, repeating 9th graders; students returning to school from placement or dropout. Project U-Turn is a citywide collaborative effort to focus resources on Philadelphia’s dropout crisis.

Therapeutic Emotional Support Classrooms (TESC)

Provides clinical staff to 12 emotional support (ES) classrooms to support development/implementation of individualized and classroom positive behavior supports.

Behavioral Rehabilitative Health Services (BHRS), or “wraparound”

Provides one-to-one therapeutic intervention through the use of school-based Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) and on-going consultation services through a Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC).

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