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Free private tutoring an option for low-achieving students

This article was originally published in The Notebook. In August 2020, The Notebook became Chalkbeat Philadelphia.

To the editors:

In response to the parent who was not satisfied with the offerings of the School District’s extended day program ("Failing Our Children," Letters to the editors, Spring 2004), I would like to inform her and other parents of tutoring options.

For the past two years, under No Child Left Behind, low-income children in grades 1-12 from over 160 low-achieving public schools have had the option of going to a private tutoring center at no cost to the parent.

The School District has done a poor job of informing parents of their rights under this program – due to the fact that they wish to steer all of the children into their extended day program – thereby keeping the No Child Left Behind federal funds in the hands of the School District.

Private tutoring centers are typically open on weekends, as well as after school and in the evenings, and group size is typically small (one to eight students per group).

Parents of children in all schools in grades K-9 have yet another option: Classroom Plus state grants, which provide $500 reimbursement for one-on-one and small group tutoring.

Caroline Brooker, Director, Avante Tutoring
Philadelphia, PA