In Pennsylvania, fewer than 4% of teachers are Black, compared to 14.5% of students. In Philadelphia, the percentage of Black teachers is about a quarter, compared to two-thirds of the students.
Teacher Evin Jarrett says a summer program in which students get hands-on lessons about construction is their capstone.
Hundreds of job seekers meet with district representatives to fill positions before school begins Aug 29.
Attorneys battle one more time over whether academic outcomes and funding gaps matter to the state constitution.
Post-trial oral arguments in the battle over the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s K-12 funding system begin July 26.
In the past decade, the number of new teachers entering the state workforce annually declined from 20,000 to 6,000.
District’s top financial official says schools need more revenue in the long term.
More Philadelphia child care providers opened in the second year of the pandemic than the first, but the city still saw a net loss of providers.
Watlington launches massive team to help him improve outcomes for students and achieve the Philadelphia Board of Education’s goals and guardrails
A Philadelphia official warns the spending deal doesn’t do as much for schools as it should.
Sharita Jerkins wants people to know that her students can do anything. That includes dissecting a frog.
Supporters say getting students interested early in fields like coding is crucial.
Current and former Nashville school officials say Shawn Joseph’s tenure precipitated a “morale crisis.”
The votes took place amid an investigation into whether the district’s charter school policy is racially biased.
The $60 million shortfall is a small share of the district’s overall budget, but officials are worried about the long-term impact.
Mayor Jim Kenney said the program will expand to 20 schools next year.
Joseph and Associates, which will assist Tony Watlington, is led by the former superintendent of Nashville schools.
Brent Johnstone and Akeiff Staples started FathersRead365 from scratch five years ago and worked hard to expand its reach.
Watlington will lead a district with many challenges, from declining enrollment to crumbling facilities.
Career and technical education programs show worth through high graduation rates, student satisfaction.
The $1.8 million proposal would focus on areas near schools most affected by gun violence.
After ten years leading the district, Hite says his accomplishments constitute a strong “body of work.”
The district has big plans for $1.1 billion in the latest round of federal relief, but it won’t be a cure-all.
Her high school refused to let her be valedictorian, an experience she never forgot as a mother and activist.
Camika Royal hopes her book will influence educators’ decisions about budgets and families.
Mayor Jim Kenney’s proposed budget for the coming year includes funding for 300 new PHLpreK seats.
Leaders must embrace more than our presence; they must value our intellect.
Reversing a March announcement, Superintendent Hite cites bus driver shortage, need for stability.
After the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, I dread going to school. When will our leaders act?