The increases are relatively small, but they’re giving school leaders hope that Philadelphia students can continue to boost their scores in the years to come.
The new school year will also feature new curriculum materials and a revamped plan to make students safer.
Pennsylvania’s spending for education in the state budget is still in limbo amid partisan disputes.
Philadelphia’s school safety chief said getting more students into out-of-school activities can also help keep them out of trouble.
Pennsylvania schools tried to disenroll students who said they were homeless. ‘Being punished for poverty just does not seem right,’ one parent wrote.
Watlington said this coming school year he’s focused on accelerating reading and math performance, school safety, and high-impact tutoring.
Karen Howell-Toomer, principal of Universal Vare Charter School, said she hopes the temporary building will be like a “boutique” for students.
District officials said there’s evidence the school manipulated its admissions process. Franklin Towne said the vote was ‘politically motivated.’
The number of schools with elementary-age children that have play equipment has risen in recent years, the district said.
Many are still pursuing certification as they embark on new careers in the classroom.
The district’s charter school office is recommending the school board revoke Franklin Towne Charter High School’s charter after allegations of discrimination within its lottery admissions process.
Belmont Charter School students and teachers say any year-round school program should be tailored to individual school communities.
Under the revised system, selective schools will still use minimum test scores for admissions, but individual schools’ requirements are still being worked out.
Nearly 200 students were shot during the past school year in Philadelphia. State Attorney Michelle Henry discussed the situation with students and her office’s attempts to help.
In a deal with fellow Democrats, Josh Shapiro eliminated the creation of a statewide voucher program from the budget. Although the move angered Republicans, the proposal could return.
The district will get $2.5 million to help with data collection and support from the city to complete their required facilities inspections.
The 11-stop tour that helps families prepare for the first day of school marks Superintendent Tony Watlington’s second year on the job, after an inaugural year marked by several challenges.
Education groups say better days are ahead for ‘under-resourced’ schools, but a top GOP lawmaker cautions ‘money alone’ isn’t the solution.
Math teachers will use the materials in the upcoming school year as part of what Superintendent Tony Watlington called an “historic investment.”
Instead of waiting until their 22nd birthday, Pennsylvania allows districts to end services during the school year in which a student with disabilities turns 21, a lawsuit alleges.
Pennsylvania House Democrats’ refusal to pass a budget bill with a school voucher program halted negotiations but Shapiro vowed to line-item veto the voucher program when a budget bill hits his desk.
Republicans are leaning into an education agenda that targets comprehensive sex education and LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum and boosts school-choice policies
At a six-hour meeting, the board also nixes a charter renewal, spends $205 million, and mandates Juneteenth instruction
Pennsylvania already has two statewide private school choice programs. But if enacted, the Lifeline Scholarship Program would be the first such program funded directly by the state.
Corinne Scioli’s vision is in sync with the school district’s strategic plan, which calls for accelerating academic achievement and increasing students’ ‘global awareness.’
Students at Frankford High School celebrated their graduation on Tuesday after more than two years of remote learning.
It’s heartbreaking to realize that I never taught many of my former students to read.
The district said the decision to close schools to students was made “out of an abundance of caution.” Staff are still expected to report to school buildings on Friday.

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