Board President Reginald Streater wants the city to increase annual local funding for the district by $318 million by 2027.
In Philadelphia, 83% of early childhood programs are currently facing a staffing shortage and nearly 3,000 children are on a waitlist.
During a high school visit, Gov. Josh Shapiro also discussed his plans to hire more teachers and increase education spending in his proposed budget.
City officials and others are demanding a quick response and a detailed school facilities plan from Superintendent Tony Watlington.
The school board and city government must reach a deal to manage and fund the facility.
The closure of Building 21 highlights ongoing safety and health problems with the district’s aging schools.
State senator says Pennsylvania’s current K-12 system funding ‘harkens back to the days of Jim Crow.’
The Kids Campaignhas detailed policy proposals for issues like the teacher shortage, summer jobs, and juvenile justice.
Instead of relying solely on a textbook, the course’s new material includes many primary sources.
A state senator who claimed the district is freezing out charters got into a heated exchange with the board president.
Superintendent Tony Watlington says educators must be key partners in addressing the problem.
Pennsylvania’s Act 158 requires students to meet one of five “pathways” in order to get their diploma.
An acclaimed writer of historical novels focused on the Black experience, Johnson says the school helped her believe in her future success.
Republican lawmakers stress the need for more school choice but don’t say whether they’ll appeal the ruling.
Commonwealth Court judge highlights disparities between school districts, but her ruling could be swiftly appealed.
Florida has banned AP African American History. Here’s why that matters and what teachers can do about it.
The mayor appoints school board members and with the city council decides Philadelphia’s contribution to the district budget.
Gym has a long history of focusing on education as an activist and former City Council member.
The district would like at least 10,000 students to enroll in kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year.
The program is just one of many ways the state is responding to a teacher shortage that’s created cascading staffing challenges across Pennsylvania.
As attorney general, Shapiro said the state isn’t meeting its constitutional obligation to public schools.
Just a tiny fraction of school districts nationwide now have masking mandates.
This year, I’m reclaiming personal time, tuning out the noise, and not holding myself to unrealistic expectations.

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